My bands Youtube =)

My bands Youtube =)

Hello All,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Life has been hectic, transformative and inspiring.

I’ve put my energy into meditation, the music that seems to be flowing so freely from my soul and into the people around me that I cherish. I’ve learned, grown and continue to feel an ever growing sense of graciousness for the bounty this life has to offer.

I’m pleased with where these passions are taking me.

If you like our music feel free to share or leave any feedback. Much more to come!

-When the path of the heart aligns with the will of the mind; our journey blossoms.

Talk soon, time for doe-doe 😉

Love Chris


the ones we love

As the waves of home, beat the crags

My heart stirs, with the peace of the moment

The waters that have washed so many lives,

 Ebb along the shores of my soul

The things we learn,

That which we hold dear,

Every passing breath that left me full of light

Echoed in the comfort found in every gaze upon your face


When I think of home, I think of you

As the dew of the morning begins to rise

When I think of love, I think of you

As the winds of spring begin to sigh

Every brush of my lips on yours

Reminds me why my spirit soars


The hills that left their bloom of spring

For the colours of fall

Radiate a presence that has always held me dearly

From the stumbling steps of a small boy

To the steadying steps of a man

The flow always pulled me on

As I paced the line drawn upon this cliff

The drop that yawned before

Never seemed so inviting

The beauty in the unknown,

When you release all control


When I think of home, I think of you

As the dew of the morning begins to rise

When I think of love, I think of you

As the winds of spring begin to sigh

The brush of my lips on yours

Reminds me why my spirit soars


The grace of god, may it be shown

To all who seek the bounty

I have been blessed to know

To gaze upon life,

With the eyes of an eagle

To see, as sight is born.

So do I find solace,

As this heart of mine

Continues to warm

This life, this wondrous creation

The sun that sets to rise again

The story of time, as it strings its dance

May it always be

As it should,

I with you, you with I

A whispered love,

That brings the sweetest sigh


When I think of home, I think of you

As the dew of the morning begins to rise

When I think of love, I think of you

As the winds of spring begin to sigh

Every brush of my lips on yours

Reminds me why my spirit soars


As the garden whispers it’s passing

In autumn’s fall, I hold her eyes

As the garden whispers it’s passing

The only sound, the leaves as they fly

Gentle hands, are sweeter still

Brushing strands of hers,

On that nearby hill

As life unfurls, in the glimpse of a smile

So do I love to sit and kiss awhile


The currents that guide us through time

Ripple through the bends,

Steady me as we go,

For always, If I could choose,

I would choose to be yours.

the edge of it all


I have been studying various healing modalities now since my own abrupt awakening to my own inner consciousness. I was young, younger than I am today. I was depressed, I was angry and I was self-destructive. Most, if not all people encounter depression through their lives in some way whether through a loved one, a friend, a pet or themselves. My emotions and the feelings associated would cycle like the tides. Manic was the only word I could use to describe the perplexing state of my existence.


            I was the moment and the awe found in the rays of the sun as they shone through the leaves But I was as dark, and oppressive as the most traumatic moments I’d experience through myself and through others. There were times I felt the pain of others so acutely there were no boundaries to form any sense of separation. Going out in public was impossible. If I came near someone who was lost in their own darkness it would fuck me up for days. I love naturally; I want to help others naturally. And in some way, I felt that I could take the pain of others and heal it. In my state, I did. But in doing so, I took the personal power from others. It seemed I had multiple mental thought complexes and years/decades of inner work to answer for..


 Self-love and self-hatred seemed to fluctuate like the balance of yin-yang. These were the hardest days of my life.


But they lead me to where I am today. They showed me that our darkness will always yield way to light. We are that light. And no matter how oppressive our lives may be, one light…one being with radiance…like a candle could truly push that darkness away. Even if only for an instant, the illumination it creates could stir that long-searched awakening.


Ultimately, my life was at the metaphysical fork in the road where I truly believe I had the choice between the cycles of pain I had endured throughout different lives where I could end up in my own extravagant display of self-destruction, abuse and ultimately death or I could choose the harder path… to heal.


A Native American shaman changed my life. I came to him because I had no hope left. I didn’t believe in myself, my life or the beauty of the world any more. I couldn’t see it. The suffering around me was all too raw and real.


But inside of me, something changed. The gears of my destruction stopped, and reversed. Slowly at first, but carrying me with greater and greater momentum to my own healed path. Ultimately I hope towards my healed place.


Now, 7 years later, I can barely see the same person when I look in the mirror. Yes, that part still exists inside of me but it’s found a state of solace. I have been studying qi-gong, practising yoga, eating well, living with love, counting my blessings and now started training to become a shaman. The process may take years, decades or a life-time to truly become a medicine-man. But I can offer healing. I can change the lives of those I love, and have yet to meet. It’s empowering and extremely gratifying.


The journey is hard. And the healing gets harder as it goes, but with that difficulty comes greater strength, greater compassion for the trials of others and truly, a sense of oneness with humanity.


Namaste friends,

Thank you for reading.



more naners! and an ‘umminbird

more naners! and an 'umminbird

this is my sweetheart and these are my friends.


to give you an approximate, she’s a fluttering 5’1 and they’re about 7 1/2′ tall at this point which is about mid-July. At the end of September they were standing at about 13′. First year growth, without any fertilizer but my own morning love!

They are so dope!

Many a mushroom trip spent looking at the stars through their glorious towering foliage. nothing has ever made me feel like such an innocent child, as these herbaceous friends of mine!

It really brings out the crazy in me, and my neighbours look at me sideways now…

What is that young man doing over there, to his garden..



In the peace and silence of my heart, I heard my song. I felt the love of my ancestors. I felt the grace of my existence and the warmth of the Mother Earth. I am the whisper through the leaves, and the rustle through the trees. I am the power in the noon-day Sun, and the light that breaks the horizon. I am the web that sustains all life, and I am the stars in the darkest of night. I am the beggar, and the maimed, the paintings in the ancient caves. I am the call of the loon, through the fog of the lake. The silent mist, as the Earth starts to wake. In my minds eye, I see heaven. And I will walk with gentle footsteps until my path fades before me. I have come to see my light, through the darkness of my pain. I was once broken, but I am whole again. I am strong. I am powerful. I am capable. A child of this Earth, I am free.